Welcome to the Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance at Castle Rock State Park

Sempervirens Fund welcomes you to the new, state-of-the-art entrance to Castle Rock State Park right in Silicon Valley’s backyard. Get a free map of the park that you can use even when you lose cell reception out on the trail.

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A Great, Green Gateway

The Robert C. Kirkwood entrance is state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly. You will find free WiFi, solar panels, potable water, an inviting amphitheater for outdoor education and entertainment, storm water systems that support the San Lorenzo watershed, and more. Robert C. Kirkwood was a local conservationist and active supporter of redwoods and parks in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and we thank him and his family for their support of this special place.

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Who is Sempervirens Fund?

In 1968, Sempervirens Fund helped establish Castle Rock State Park. In addition, Sempervirens Fund has protected more than 34,000 acres of redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We work passionately to protect, connect and restore the redwood forests into a vast and vibrant landscape that can support people and wildlife for countless generations to come. Learn more.

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Support redwoods

Sempervirens Fund works with concerned citizens like you to protect redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Support our work:

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